Gibbs Amphibians are offering a unique opportunity to license its High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology, enabling the licensees to manufacture, market and sell High Speed Amphibians within an emerging global market.

Over a period of 2 decades, Gibbs Technologies have been at the forefront in developing an entirely new mode of transport. The technology has been proven to be scalable across a range of vehicle sizes, and a variety of applications. We have publicly demonstrated eight of these:

Biski  2.3m   Single seat motorbike
Triski  3.6m   Three wheel motorcycle
Quadski  3.2m   PWC / ATV sectors
Quadski XL  3.6m   2 Seat PWC / ATV
Terraquad  3.6m   2 Seat Side by Side UTV
Aquada   4.8m   Passenger vehicle sector
Humdinga   7.0m   Off road / 4×4 / and utility sectors
Phibian  10.0m Truck Vehicle Sector

More about Licenses

Licenses can be based upon Gibbs’ existing products, or simply the technology itself, to integrate into new potential applications. The precise specification and extent  is flexible, and can be for a specific territory or a number of territories.

The licensee base currently includes a major publically traded company in South East Asia, however there are many other market opportunities that can still be exploited.

With a license for the Humdinga a licensee will receive:

  • The rights to manufacture, market and sell the HSA product in defined territories
  • A technical data pack, with the information necessary to begin production
  • Assistance in accessing, engaging and demonstrating to end users
  • Protection from competition with exclusive territories
  • Tailored licenses to suit the market and territories
  • Engineering and technical support