About Gibbs Amphibians

Gibbs Amphibians is the first company in history to successfully create fully homologated vehicles that can exceed 30 mph on water as well as achieve typical speeds on land, transitioning between land and water in under 5 seconds, at the push of a button. This unique combination of innovations from several engineering disciplines and user friendly technology has given Gibbs the lead as the world authority on High Speed Amphibians.


Gibbs has been developing High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology since 1994, creating the record breaking and award winning Aquada in 2003, the Humdinga in 2005, the Phibian in 2012 and the Quadski in 2013, with Quadski XL being added to the product range in 2014. Following on from this, three further platforms have been added to the portfolio; Biski, Triski, and the Terraquad. Details of all HSA variants listed above are held within our Platforms section.